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How British Columbia’s Tax on Legal Services Impairs Access to Justice

Legal services provided in BC are, unlike any other professional services, subject to provincial sales tax (PST). Accordingly, consumers in BC have a more difficult time obtaining legal help. They can hire an accountant, architect, veterinarian or any other professional. For some bizarre reason, justice fell to the bottom of the list of governmental priorities as only legal fees are effectively increased by 7% due to this special tax.

Don Renaud

I’m Back

To my followers, sorry about the hiatus. The emergence of Renaud Law Group from its prior incarnation, the Pandemic, and the NDP’s recent concerted attack on the tort system/civil liberties have been something of a distraction.

Remembrance Day

The Truth

Canada is a great country and a great place to live. It’s important we keep it that way. Every Remembrance Day we’re reminded about the passing of the torch from the hands of those who sacrificed for us.

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