Medical Mistakes

Personal Injuries Suffered in BC Hospitals and Clinics

The frequency of medical mistakes in BC hospitals and clinics is extremely troubling. Medical professionals are supposed to be very well-trained and we place great trust in their actions. When you are faced with this situation, seeking out a medical malpractice lawyer in British Columbia can help you figure out your next steps.

Medication and Medical Errors

Our lawyers pursue cases that involve all types of medical mistakes such as:

  • Administering drugs that are contraindicated

  • Giving the wrong dose or drug to a patient

  • Improper wound care resulting in infection

  • Discharging before a patient is stable

We are also experienced in birth trauma cases that result in a diagnosis of cerebral palsy that comes before discharge from the hospital. Another scenario is when parents learn of their child’s condition only as he or she ages and fails to meet certain developmental milestones. Most parents of children with cerebral palsy have a definitive diagnosis by age 3. It is not too late to search for the cause of the brain damage. Financial compensation will create a better future for your child.

Upon learning of your child’s diagnosis, you will understandably be concerned about his or her prognosis for the long term. These are difficult questions to ask doctors, and there are no simple answers. All parents deserve to have full and complete information about their child’s health and to know where the condition originated. We are here to help you find answers, options and legal avenues to seek justice and much-needed compensation.

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