Orthopedic Surgical Malpractice

In many situations, people who visit the emergency room because of an injury are then referred to someone who they believe is an orthopedic surgical specialist. This consultation quickly results in a recommendation of surgery and this surgeon performs the procedure him or herself. However, the result may be that:

  • The problem was not addressed at all

  • The problem got even worse

  • There was a post-op infection that resulted

  • The surgery was not performed correctly

  • You need to have revision surgery to correct the mistake


If you have not healed, or are maybe worse off than before the surgery occurred, you should speak with our lawyers about your options. If you did not feel confident about the surgeon assigned to you, but did not feel qualified to speak up, we can help investigate if this surgeon committed malpractice. We can also help you get a second opinion about the cause of your injuries, the resulting harm and what corrective measures are needed.

An estimated 24,000 adverse events occur each year in British Columbia hospitals. Often, people who suffer from orthopedic problems are not aware of what went wrong, but they know they experience pain and discomfort that hinders their ability to work, move and enjoy life. Whether they suffered a sports injury or other injury, they deserve the correct treatment essential for restoring mobility and comfort.

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