Since 1985, We Have Helped Clients with Cerebral Palsy Obtain Life-Changing Verdicts and Settlements

Our legal team secures life-changing verdicts and settlements in complex personal injury claims — whether your injury was caused by medical malpractice or someone else’s carelessness. We help answer the tough questions: what happened to cause injury to myself or my child? What could have been done to prevent it? How am I going to pay for the cost of care? In doing so, we have achieved several multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts throughout Western Canada.

Our areas of success include, but are not limited to, birth injury and cerebral palsy and surgical and orthopedic medical malpractice.

Meet some of the people our team has worked with and helped over the years.

Peace of Mind: Story of a Girl with Cerebral Palsy

Medical Malpractice (Cerebral Palsy)

“Don gave me the ability to stay home with my daughter, and raise her myself. We have a home that I can raise her in that is wheelchair friendly. I have a van to get around in because I wasn’t going to be able to pay just about $40,000 for a van and refit. So, he has actually given me peace of mind.”

Separate Stories, Same Surgeon

Medical Malpractice (Orthopedic)

“I honestly thought my life was over. I envisioned myself sitting behind a desk somewhere and that’s just not me. Military career ended… it was pretty traumatic… When they settled for a considerable amount of money, which I think is appropriate, it changed pretty much my life.”

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