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Were you active and healthy before an injury that led to surgery? Have you had a surgical or orthopedic procedure that left you worse off than you were before? Did you have a healthy pregnancy and were shocked by your child’s cerebral palsy diagnosis? Somewhere along the line, did you just know “this isn’t right”?

If this sounds like your story, it may help to know that there are other people across British Columbia who have been through the same thing.

There is a serious lack of transparency when it comes to medical errors in Canada. In fact, it is estimated that over 20,000 adverse events occur every year in BC hospitals alone, of which between 7,400 and 10,200 are judged in retrospect to have been potentially preventable. The overwhelming majority of mistakes go unreported.

Four main components must be proven in medical negligence cases:

What was the standard of care?

The lawyer must prove the standard that a reasonably competent healthcare professional must meet to conduct this medical procedure.

Was there a breach of the standard of care?

The lawyer must prove that the healthcare professional failed to meet that standard of care.

Did the breach cause injury?

The lawyer must prove that this breach led to the plaintiff’s injuries.

What losses and harms were caused by the injury?

The lawyer must prove what money is needed to make up for the losses and harms caused by the negligence of the healthcare professional.

With decades of experience in medical malpractice law, Renaud Law Group is able to achieve life-changing settlements or verdicts for individuals injured by negligent medical care. Our legal team can help you find answers and obtain the financial compensation you are owed.

Should you wish to investigate your medical treatment, contact our legal team today.

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