Pregnancy Risk Factors

Pregnancy Risk FactorsFailure to Account for Pregnancy Risk Factors

When pregnant women go to their doctors for prenatal treatment, they expect their doctors will assess their risk factors for a range of conditions that may ultimately affect the health and well-being of their child. When risk factors do present themselves, medical teams should intervene appropriately and take steps to prevent crisis during gestation and delivery.

Among the wide range of risk factors, doctors know to be cautious about:

  • Multiple births

  • Damaged placenta

  • Infections

  • Poor nutrition

  • Exposure to nicotine and alcohol

  • Maternal diabetes, hyperthyroidism or high blood pressure

  • Premature delivery

  • Biochemical genetic disorders

  • Low birth weight

  • Bleeding

Many parents of children with cerebral palsy have positive experiences with their doctors. Sometimes, however, medical teams do not meet the standard of care expected of them. A team may not sufficiently monitor a known risk factor during pregnancy, and therefore prompt intervention may not occur when necessary to prevent injury to the child’s developing brain.

Parents want the best for their children. They also have the right to ask questions about the care they received during pregnancy and after their child was born. More often than not, parents do not get the answers they deserve from the medical professionals. A hospital may enter a type of damage control following a cerebral palsy diagnosis. This is a red flag.

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